Frequently Asked Questions

For every website we develop we offer the following:.

  • First Year free Hosting
  • Free Technical support for 6 Months
  • Responsive Custom Design
  • Custom Content management System (CMS) for managing and editing the website
  • Website is prepared for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

if you choose the same hosting providers we choose, then the host will be either in Europe or USA, but if you have another host we will maintain the website until it is live on whatever host you choose, as long as it supports our development language.

The cost for eCommerce website depend on many factors that are not limited to:
how many languages?
who is responsible for data entry?
who is resposible for products photography and photos retouching?
for how long do you need our support/maintenance?
what are you custom requirements?
there's a lot of other factors that decide the price too, but in general, the price starts from 25,000 L.E and increase depending on what are your custom need and requirements and what you dream to have in your website.
we can decide all of this after the first meeting.

we build our website using Framework, so we are not a good fit for people who want wordpress built websites, we don't use wordpress, it's CMS (we create a custom one for every website), and we also don't work with PHP nor MySQL .

We typically build almost all websites using:

  • framework for development purposes
  • MSSQL for database
  • HTML5 - CSS - JS for front end of the websites
  • An Average company website takes from 15 to 30 Business Days after all data is provided.
  • An average e-commerce website may take from 30 to 45 days after all data is provided and of cource time may increase depending on your custom requirements.
  • Any other type of websites like SaaS or other services and membership website time will be decided depending on the requirements.
  • Yes, we offer native mobile development for both Android and iOS.

No. We can get started by using placeholder content while you work towards completing your content. We'll even provide you with a content outline to follow to make things easier. This gives you guidance on the type of text and images that would perform best on your website.
But you must at least inform us about how your business work or how you want your website to be planned

Sure! we can communicate via phone, email, and online meetings.
We work with clients all over the world. Our whole team works remotely, allowing us to find the absolute best team for our business.

Unfortunately no, we don't either complete nor give maintenance for websites not created by us, but we can give you help if possible.